Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Log Home Money Saving Tip #1 - Use a Stock Floor Plan

When my husband and I began dreaming about a log home,  we were anxious to begin right away and not wait many years to begin building it.  So we looked for ways to save money; one of which was using a stock floor plan from Hiawatha.

A custom-designed log home does give you that uniqueness but in most cases does cost more than a stock plan.  One of the benefits of using a stock plan is that it's a design that's already been built so there is the less likelihood of construction errors.  Also, there are usually cost-saving options built into the design.

We chose the Tall Timbers plan from Hiawatha and modified it; opening up the loft, bumping out the bedroom and reducing a closet in the guest room.  These modifications made us feel we were still getting a custom-designed home but without all the costs associated with it. 

Take a look at our stock floor plans and see if something catches your eye:

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